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Product Detail

PU Compound Profile Roll Forming Machine (Changeable Type Roll Wheel Shelf)

Product Information

(A profile: 63mm width arc, thickness: 11.4mm, including PU foam in the middle)
(B profile: 51.5mm width plane, thickness: 8mm, including PU foam in the middle)

Decoiler part
①  Material outer diameter:1400mm
②  Material inner hole diameter:φ400 ~ 450mm
③  Material width: 300mm

Main machine part
① Main roller wheel:26 groups ( not including mix wheel)
② Roller material: Gr15 steel
③ Heat treatment rigidity:HRC 55°~57°
④ Rolling material: colorful aluminum sheet
⑤ Rolling material thickness: 0.3mm
⑥ Product effective width: A profile 63mm arc
⑦ Roller main axis diameter: 40mm,material 45# steel
⑧ Splint thickness: 25mm
⑨ Main bearing: 60307
⑩ Main motor power: 7.5KW motor, cycloid needle speed reducer
? Forming speed: 0~12m,adjustable

Shaping part
① Length:20m (each 5m)

Cutoff part
Motor power:2.2 kw

feed material part before punching
①  Length: 7m

punch & feed material part
② Equip punch mould one set, (every time punch length about 150mm)

pneumatic discharge shelf part
Length: 6m

electric control
①  Controlled by Mitsubishi PLC and HMI, Japanese transducer adjust speed
②  voltage:380V   50Hz

Delivery:100 days
Note: equip B profile roller contain splint and upper part (including main axis, bearing, bearing seat, girth gear, cutoff mould, punch mould and pinch part)


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