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Door Shutter Roll Forming Machine 1

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Product Information

Door shutter roll forming machines" href="/en/product/Roll-Forming-Machine">roll forming machine 120.7X16 technical parameter:

production flow:
The complete rollfoming machine comprises of following parts:
Max.outter diameter: 1400mm
Inner diameter of coil: 400--450 mm
material width: 300mm
loading capacity: 2 tons
2. roll forming machine   
rollers:14 Groups
hardness for heat treatment: HRC55 – 57
roller thickness :175mm
roller material thickness: 0.6mm—0.8mm
shaft diameter : 40mm , material :45# steel
wall thickness:22mm
Gear thickness : 35mm
Motor Power :4 kw , cycloidal needle speed reducer
Rolling Speed :10 m / min
3. cut off device     
motor: 2.2kw
one  set of cut-off mould
4.run out table
table length :6 m
table structure apply angle iron
5. control system  
power supply: 380V/50HZ
Delivery time: 60 days

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