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Small Wave Roof Panel Roll Forming Machine

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Product Information

Metal corrugated roof is widely used for commercial metal buildings, associated with residential and commercial. Small wave roof panel roll forming machine is the essential for its production.

1.Hydraulic Decoiler with Break is equipped for roll forming production, not manual one.
2.Manual Blade Shearer before Roll Forming is the essential for roll forming production, and length control is set on touchable screen, so that material is calculated by PLC for each material thickness and color production.
3.Refine steel plates in 22 mm as Sidewall of machine is used.
4.14 Nos of Rollers is used for step tile forming, ensuring profile strength.
5.Mitsubishi (Japan) PLC and 5.7'Touchable Screen are used for for data processing and setting.
6.Roll forming speed is 0 – 20 meters / minute.


(1)Suitable Material: PPGI Coil / Embossed Aluminium Coil
(2)Material Width: 914 / 1200 mm
(3)Material Thickness:0.40 -- 0.80 mm

Production Process: 
decoiling – manual shearing – roll forming – cut-off after sizing – final roof

1.8 – 10 tons hydraulic decoiler: 1250 mm width; ? 500 – 600 mm inner diameter; 2.0 kw
2.Manual shearing device before material feeding: PLC calculating and controlzing, material saved, no wasted; blade cutter
3.Roll forming machine: 14 Nos roller station; ? 80 mm main shaft; 22 – 25 mm machine sidewall thickness; 0 – 20 meters / minute
4.Hydraulic step forming & cutting-off: Gr12 steel blade; 20 tons working table pressure; with fan-cooler; 4 kw
5.Simple run-out table: 4 pieces, in 8# channel steel
6.PLC controller: Mitsubishi PLC; 5.7"Mitsubishi touchable screen; Japanese frequency converter; Schneider electronic components

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