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Metal Stud System Roll Forming Production Line

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Product Information

Metal Stud System is composition of Metal Stud, U Runner, Gypsum Board and Fastener while Metal Stud and U Runner are produced by related roll forming machines.
LMS Roll Forming Machines for Metal Stud and U Runner Sections are designed for width adjustable, offering 5 different specifications for each profile by only one roll forming machine, controlled by Mitsubishi PLC for required profile length and quality precisely, as the solid foundation for quality-guaranteed Metal Stud System.
Totally 2 Roll Forming Machines, metal stud for one while u runner for the other, enjoying higher production speeds and larger capacity, over 5’500 meters / day (8 hours production) / item.

2.Technical parameter:
Stud roll forming machine/ U runner roll forming machine:
Decoiler:1 set
Roll forming machine:1 set
Hydraulic cut-off device:1 set
Run-out table:1 set
Electronic control system: common controller

Main technical parameter:
Suitable material: G.I Coil, HRC Coil
Material thickness: 0.45-0.50 (according to customer's need)
Decoiler: inner diameter ? 350 – 450 mm, out diameter:300mm with max loading 1500kgs.
Roller: 13 groups ( for stud roll forming machine)
            8 groups (for U runner roll forming machine)
Material for rollers: GCr15 steel
Motor power: 4kw, cycloidal pin speed reducer
Roll forming speed: 12M/min
Electronic control system: common control
Power supply:380v/220v, 3phs, 50hz.

Product flow:
Material coil – decoiling – roll forming – hydraulic cutting-off – metal stud profile – PLC

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