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Slat Roll Forming Machine

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Product Information

1. Parts:
hand operated decoiler:1 set
main roll forming machine:1set
Hydraulic cut off device:1 set
run-out table:1set
electronic control system:PLC control

2.Technical parameter:
Suitable material: Aluminum in coil
Thickness: 0.2-0.3 (According to customer's requirement)
Material roller: Gr15 steel
Shaft of roller: diameter 40mm, 45# steel.
Roll forming speed: 15M/ Min
Roller: 12 Nos
Motor: 3.0+2.2kw
Power supply: 380v/50-60hz/ 3ph

3.Product flow:
Decoiler---roll forming – cut-off device—pneumatia unloading –final product.

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