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The strong recovery of metal working machine market in China

2014-04-18 16:25
 We can feel the strong recovery of the matal working machine market in China obviously from the start of this year!
Though the original material's price keep rising largely. The higher cost does'nt stop the charm of Chinese metal working machine, good qaulity but cheap price.
Form the start of this year, our roll forming machine, slitting and cutting to length machine, profile bending machine and other metal working machine are very popular by the foreign customers, expecially who come form Russia, India and Africa.
Thongh the Shadow of finicail crisis has not gone completley in Eourope and Unite States, the privous customers also show their big intersting about cooperation.
We believe that our machine will be accepted by more and more countries as our huge  improvement both one the technologies and after sale services.
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